May 29, 2017

Nice article in the current issue of the Horizons magazin of the SNF FNS SNSF about one of the inkjet printed microchips designed and made by Laboratory of Physical and Analytical Electrochemistry - LEPA and SENSàSION for analysis.…/resear…/current-i...

May 29, 2017


- "(invited) Point-of-Care (POC) Diagnostics with Inkjet Printed Microchips" by Andreas Lesch, Milica Jović, Frédéric
Gumy, Marie Baudoz, Yingdi Zhu, Philippe Tacchini, and Hubert H. Girault

- "Soft Probe Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM) with Spi...

May 21, 2017

With the aim to make the brand easier to identify and to make the main technology concepts clearer and more explicit, SENSàSION logo is combining the principles of inkjet printing, flexible electronics, soft probes and a sample droplet uptake.

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SENSàSION Sàrl, rue de l'Industrie 17, 1950 Sion, Valais, Switzerland