Molecular Diagnostics (RUO)

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Six primers are used to amplify target sequences under isothermal conditions using Bst DNA polymerase with strand displacement activity. Compared with traditional PCR technology, the main advantages are: 1) higher specificity and anti-interference ability;

2) high sensitivity, rapid and efficient amplification;

3) simple to operate and small equipment size.

This instrument is for research and is used in combination with specific reagents for in vitro amplification and analysis of nucleic acids of sample genes. This product will be operated by in a laboratory by trained professionals.

Instrument MA 2000

Nucleic acids isothermal amplification

Igenetec rapid nucleic acid detection system is based on microfluidic fluid handling and isothermal amplification technology, achieving a perfect fusion of the two.



Instrument Specifications

Temperature Control:

Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.5℃
Temperature Control Volatility ≤0.5℃
Heating  ≥0.5℃/s

Fluorescence Detection:
Emission Wavelength 470nm±10nm
Extraction Wavelength 525nm±10nm

Repeatability of Readings 

CV ≤ 3%

Reading Linearity Correlation 

Coefficient ≥ 0.900

General Parameters:

Communication Interface LAN×1 USB×1
Dimensions 280×200×135 mm (Length × Height × Depth)
Weight 3 kg
Rated Voltage AC 220V
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Rated Power 80 VA



Microfluidic Disk

Chemical kits include:

Nucleic acid extraction reagent: 

48 PCs/box, 200 PCs/box

Used for extraction and purification of nucleic acid. The treated product is used for clinical in vitro detection.

Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (Isothermal Amplification on Microfluidic Chip) : 48T/ box


The kit is used for in vitro qualitative detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 ORF1ab and N genes in throat swab samples of suspected pneumonia cases infected by Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 , patients with suspected aggregated
cases, and other people who need to carry out severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection diagnosis or differential