MALDI target plates coated with TiO2


Photo-­reactive target plates with a special TiO2-based coating were developed for the enhanced analysis of biological entities by MALDI-TOF MS. The plates were designed to destroy the envelope structure and improve the ionization efficiency of intracellular components, making a breakthrough in the measurable mass range and achievable detection sensitivity.
Such plates could be used for many applications, such as intact bacteria fingerprinting and bacteria antimicrobial resistance detection.

Photo-reactive target plates can be used with the BacteriaMS, an online database analysis for bacteria identification, developed by our collaboration partner Dr. Liang Qiao's MS group, Fudan University.

BacteriaMS offers a free online service for bacteria identification by MALDI-TOF-MS. Currently, the database includes mass spectra of more than 400 strains of bacteria. The identification is realized by pattern matching between the user uploaded mass spectra and verified database entries.